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Keep an eye out for “No Parking on Grass” signs.

Some spots look very tempting but Police are very active about ticketing cars parked where they shouldn’t be.  At Cherie Down Park it is a defiant No, No.

Parking PermitDo you visit Cocoa Beach Often?

You may want to consider buying a Parking Pass from the city. Permits allow the vehicle to be parked at any metered parking space without having to put money in the meter. Local residents can purchase one for $10 Non-residents pay $60. More Info Here.

Do I need to put money in a meter if I have a Handicap Placard?

You do not have to place money into a parking meter within the city limits of Cocoa Beach if you have a valid handicap placard registered to you or to the person in the vehicle with the disability.

Got a Ticket?

Here is where you can pay it. More Info Here.

Shepard ParkDid you know you can have alcoholic beverages  on the beach?

Open Alcoholic beverages are permitted on the beach ONLY so remember to put them away before leaving the beach to avoid a ticket.  Note: glass containers are illegal on the beach at all times.

Heading to a Numbered Street?  Check if it’s North or South.   

The downtown area of Cocoa Beach uses numbered streets.  Many people get confused since there is a North and a South version of some of these streets.

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