New Updates

Hello all!

We have made some minor new updates to the website this month.  Mostly the updates are meant to make the site load faster and be more compatible especially with Internet explorer 11 and tablets.

Some updates we are working on:

  • A small map in the right bar on the individual location pages that will show near by parking (handy if the location you go to is full and you want to check locations near by).
  • Adding a few new spots we have found.
  • More events
  • A new Flyer will be available at a few select locations around Cocoa Beach and be printable online!  This flyer will feature coupons, up coming events as well as a handy map of the area.
  • A new Mobile version of the site will be launching in a month or two.

As always if you have any suggestions or ideas to make Cocoa Beach Parking better just comment below.




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