Are your Facebook Friends Sex Offenders? Find out now!!!

Have you ever gotten a random friend request?  Or do you have a lot of friends that you don’t even know that have access to your info, photos and videos?   Maybe they play the same online games as you or maybe they were a friend of a friend of a friend.  Would you like to know how many of your friends are potentially sex offenders?  looks at your friends information and gives you a list of those who match data about a sex offender.  Be advised, this website will require access to your personal information so keep that in mind.   Some call this a great tool while others consider this an invasion of privacy and believe it is morally wrong to spy on your friends.  Tell us what you think in the comments below and please share this page if you think others should know about this tool.

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To run a scan, go to

Run the scan and it will give you a list of friends that have names or records that match sex offenders.  You can then click on the resulting list and check your friends info against the info online.

  • If they come up in Yellow their name matches a sex offender (this was about 1/4 of my friends so don’t be surprised if there is a list)
  • If they come up in Orange their name and location matches
  • If they come up in Red their name, location and other data matches
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