Airlines charging “Security Fee” for people flying on 9/11 | Please Like and Share!

sept 11th feeDue to happenstance I needed to take a flight this year on 9/11. I was reviewing my e-ticket and noticed a $5.00 “September 11th Security Fee:.”

I decided to inquire about the fee at the ticket counter when I arrived at the airport. No one there could give me an answer to what it was actually for. So while in line at the screening area at Columbus OH I mentioned it to a TSA officer who told me they had not changed a thing for 9/11.

When I arrived at the Newark NY airport everything seemed like business as usual. No extra TSA agents, no extra screenings, no extra anything. I did notice the airport seemed far less populated than usual. Even the line to McDonalds only held 3 people in it. The last time I was here I waited 20 minutes for a Big Mac.

The answer to the extra fee became clear once I boarded my plane to Orlando. It was nearly empty…

I had a 3 person row to myself with no one in the aisle front of me. That’s when it dawned on me. The fee probably isn’t about security it is likely to help offset the loss from all the people who refuse to fly on 9/11. Tricky. Tricky.

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